What is a Photo Blanket?

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A photo blanket is a trendy way to make use of photographs. Instead of framing a delightful picture of a relative, friend, pet or a cherished event, people can submit a photograph to various companies that will convert the image onto a blanket. Most blankets of this type come in the form of throws, but shoppers can also find photo pillows and other items onto which a picture can be placed.

Throw blankets are typically used when making a photo blanket.
Throw blankets are typically used when making a photo blanket.

There are many companies that create photo blanket types and they often have lots of options or additional features. The blanket could feature text commemorating a certain date, or even lines of poetry that seem to intrinsically work with the photograph. While some of these blankets will have a single picture, others can be made using collages of pictures that can capture many different scenes, or that could perhaps be a collection of pictures of a single person at various ages.

Fleece blankets may be used to make photo blankets.
Fleece blankets may be used to make photo blankets.

Depending upon the company that creates the photo blanket, they may be made in different materials or weaves. Most common tends to be fleece types, but there are 100% cotton blankets too. No matter the material, it is extremely important that people strictly adhere to washing and other care instructions. Over time some of these blankets may fade, particularly if they are not cared for as recommended by the company. Clarity of photo blankets can be variable too. Some companies have specific directions for types of pictures and sizes that are most ideal to submit, and some blankets do turn out better than others depending upon process and initial photo quality.

Some of the companies that create photo blanket types include close by drug stores and online sites that specialize in custom blankets. It may be wise to get some recommendations on which companies seem to produce the best results. Methods also exist to make photo blankets at home, by using actual photographs on things like quilts and placing water protective sleeves over them so that they’ll survive washing. The kinds made by companies tend to hold up better than homemade styles, but this may vary depending upon degree of workmanship.

When ordering a custom photo blanket, expect to pay a fairly high price. Few high quality throws are available for less than $100 US Dollars (USD) and many can cost significantly more than this. Since most of these blankets will ultimately fade, it may be a good idea to keep an Internet copy of the photo so a new blanket can eventually be made. Many online companies actually do request that photos are submitted in JPEG (jpg) form, so keeping treasured photos online for this purpose is an excellent idea.

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I know that photo blanket gifts are always very special to the person who receives them. I was given a matching photo blanket and pillow with pictures of my grand kids on them.

These make wonderful gift ideas, and you can't go wrong when you include such precious photographs. They are almost too special to use - you just want to look at them and enjoy them that way without letting them get dirty or ragged.


I recently saw a personalized photo blanket done for a graduation reception. This was for twin boys, and the pictures on the blanket included everything from their baby pictures all the way up to their high school graduation pictures.

This was hung up next the the rest of their pictures and achievements through the years. I thought it was a very clever and unique way to preserve those special memories.


Photo blankets can make wonderful keepsakes for just about anything. I was at a family reunion and one of my cousins had a beautiful picture blanket made with several old family pictures.

It was very unique and would make a great gift for someone. I think it would look nice displayed on a wall. You can use several different pictures from any event or occasion and make a wonderful reminder or keepsake for someone.

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