What Is a Newspaper Advertising Agency?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

A newspaper advertising agency is an ad agency that has special expertise in creating advertisements that are ideal for use in newspapers. Typically, this type of agency will also maintain close relations with a number of media outlets, making it possible to work with newspapers in both metropolitan and rural areas. As a result, an agency of this type can often aid clients in creating effective newspaper ad campaigns and also help the client to place those ads at prices much lower than could be managed using other strategies.

Newspaper advertising agencies specialize in creating advertisements that are ideal for use in newspapers.
Newspaper advertising agencies specialize in creating advertisements that are ideal for use in newspapers.

Typically, the newspaper advertising agency is capable of assessing the nature of a client’s business, evaluating the consumer base for the goods and services offered by that client, and then developing ads that are very likely to attract those consumers. To that end, the agency will not only work to draft viable advertising but also create a campaign that will call for the strategic placement in newspapers that serve certain demographics or geographic locations. Thanks to the connections cultivated by aggressive agencies of this type, the client can often take advantage of special pricing when placing ads in multiple newspapers serving markets that are considered ideal for connecting with the targeted client base.

The best advertising agency will find the most effective use of newspaper media in terms of ad development and placement.
The best advertising agency will find the most effective use of newspaper media in terms of ad development and placement.

One of the benefits of working with a newspaper advertising agency is that clients can often take advantage of leaning how to make the best use of various marketing strategies to increase market share and visibility among consumers. This includes strategies such a product branding, the use of hooks and slogans in print type advertising, and even possibly discovering new consumer markets to enter, based on the past experience and market knowledge that ad agents associated with agency can provide. It is not unusual for a client to contact a newspaper advertising agency with specific ideas about how to proceed, only to find those ideas incorporated into a larger ad campaign that provides a level of coverage that the client never considered possible.

A truly competent advertising agency works to find the best possible uses of newspaper media in terms of not only ad development and placement, but also the creation of copy that can serve as the basis for articles spotlighting the company in some way that would be of interest to current and potential customers. Throughout the process, the newspaper advertising agency will seek to enhance the public’s recognition and approval rating of the client, which in turn increases familiarity of the company’s name and products and prompts consumers to give them a try.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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Do newspaper advertising agencies handle online ads as well? I know that most newspapers have their own websites in addition to the print publications, and most of them also offer customers the chance to place ads on their sites.

If I were going to use a newspaper advertising agency, it would be to develop some web ads for my business. I think that I would reach far more people with an online ad than with a bunch of print ads.

I have no clue how to build an attractive ad, and I also am not that great with thinking of catchy slogans. If I can find a newspaper agency that handles online ads, then I feel like this would give my business a boost.


The biggest newspaper advertising agency in my state is located in the capital. It handles ad design and distribution and it is affiliated with every newspaper in the state.

This agency even runs its own ads in our paper. The gist is something like, “Use our services, and reach thousands of readers all over the state.”

I know it costs a bit more than just advertising in your local paper, but the cost is still less than contacting each paper yourself and going through the process alone. I'm sure that people get their money's worth when they use this agency.


@wavy58 – I worked as a graphic designer at a newspaper for many years, and we did offer discounts to customers who sent us their ads already made. Many of them had been to newspaper advertising agencies for help, and this benefited both them and me.

I always loved it when someone would send us an ad already made and ready to print. That meant less work for me. Since we were generally very busy making ads from scratch, it was always nice to get one that required no effort, especially if it was a large ad that would have taken hours to do.

When someone gets the help of a newspaper advertising agency, they have access to professionals who know how to make an ad that will look great in print and has the right dimensions. If people attempt to make the ads themselves, the size is usually all wrong, and we designers have to try to find a way to resize it and still make it look good.


I didn't know that there were entire agencies that focused on newspaper advertising! I've always just had my ads designed by the sales team at my local newspaper.

Of course, I've only ever advertised in that one paper. There really wouldn't have been any need for me to hire an agency, since my business is small and my customers are all local. The designing of my ad is included in the cost of advertising, anyway.

However, if I ever wanted to expand or branch out, a newspaper advertising agency could come in really handy. Instead of having to have separate ads designed by every newspaper that I wanted to advertise in, I could get a discount by having just one ad made by an agency and have them get it into all of the papers.

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