What is a Mountaineering Tent?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Mountaineering tents are tents that are constructed to withstand extreme weather situations. Often used for wilderness camping in cold climates, a mountaineering tent provides additional room for both living, sleeping, and the storage of supplies. The appearance of a mountaineering tent resembles that of many other tents, but it has significant differences in the material used and the actual construction of the device.

Mountaineering tents are designed to withstand the environment on top of snowy mountains.
Mountaineering tents are designed to withstand the environment on top of snowy mountains.

One characteristic that sets a mountaineering tent apart from other types of tents is the material that is used for the shell. While the choice of fabric run the usual gamut of nylon blends to canvas, the weight of the material will be significantly heavier than tents constructed for use in the beach or for general camping in a forest during the summer months. The material is also heavily coated to make it easier for rain and snow to slide off the exterior of the tent.

Another difference between a mountaineering tent and other types of tents is the placement of the tent poles and support structure. A mountaineering tent will often feature and external framework of metal poles that help to define the shape of the tent. This allows the interior of the tent to provide more uninterrupted floor space.

Thick mesh doors are common on most mountaineering tents. They compliment the fabric doors that may be sealed with zipper pulls if there is a need to seal off the interior of the tent from the outside elements. It is not unusual for a mountaineering tent to include two doors rather than one, allowing the camper to take advantage of cross ventilation when the climate is moderate.

The typical mountaineering tent has ample storage space in addition to plenty of room for sleeping and movement during the day. Generally, there is a vestibule that is found in one end of the tent that is ideal for the storage of mountaineering supplies. The storage area is often large enough to house skiing equipment, fishing gear, and any other items that are necessary for the survival of the campers.

While the cost for a mountaineering tent is significantly more than the price for a simple beach or summer tent, this type of tent is likely to last for many years. While providing more room, a mountaineering tend is not likely to require a great deal of storage space when not in use. The setup of the tent is also no more complicate than a traditional model. Many camping enthusiasts prefer to make use of a mountaineering tent even for casual weekend use in a warm climate.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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