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What is a Motion Detector Phone?

Pamela Pleasant
Pamela Pleasant

A motion detector phone can detect an intruder in a home or apartment. It looks exactly like a regular phone, but it works differently. One phone number is programmed into the phone, which is automatically dialed when motion is sensed. When a home owner is away, it can be used to automatically alert a neighbor or a relative. The motion detector phone should be placed in a high-traffic area.

High-powered microphones like those used as listening devices are used for the motion detector phone. When a homeowner is notified of an intruder, he is able to listen in and hear what is taking place at home. This can eliminate any false alarms or unnecessary calls to the police. If intruders are unaware of anyone listening in, they may even give specific clues as to who they are.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Typically, when an intruder enters or leaves a home he does so through a window or door. The motion detector phone should be put close to one of these places. It can also be helpful to place the phone facing the middle of the living area or family room. If an intruder has to pass through this area to find expensive jewelry or electronics, he can be easily detected.

Small children and animals can accidentally trigger a motion detector phone. The phone can sense movement from 30 feet (nine meters) away but it does have an indicator light which puts out a type of signal strength. These strengths can be adjusted so that no false alarms happen when animals walk by. For example, if an animal weighs less than 25 pounds (11 kg), the phone can be programmed to ignore anything under this weight. A motion detector phone can also be placed in a higher spot so that it is able to detect adults and not small children.

The motion detector phone does not need any extra extension cords or electrical sockets. It generally plugs into ordinary phone jacks and looks like an average phone. Motion detectors phones can be useful in isolated areas because while loud alarms can scare off intruders, if there aren’t any neighbors to hear the alarm they can be useless.

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One nice feature should be added for a good phone. it should be able to silently accept any incoming calls when the phone is armed. it would allow the homeowner to dial in any time and listen to what is going on.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book