What is a Mold Expert Witness?

R. Stamm

A mold expert witness is a person who possesses specific knowledge of matters directly associated with mold contamination in residential or industrial buildings. These persons are directly responsible for preparing reports and presenting findings to a judge or jury concerning air quality, industrial hygiene, microbial damage, and mildew contamination. They also prepare studies and present findings on sick building syndrome to determine if illnesses are directly related to mold found in the building. An expert witness service offers reports and services to companies and landlords that assist in preventing toxic molds.

An orange with mold on it.
An orange with mold on it.

Molds are found in building materials that retain moisture such as dry wall, wood, and carpet padding. Mycotoxins, or deadly molds, have harmful effects on some humans, and a mold expert witness is required to prepare reports for the courts on behalf of the defense or prosecution. This person will test the amount of moisture and indoor air quality of an industrial or residential building to determine whether toxic molds are present.

An expert witness offers expert advice in court.
An expert witness offers expert advice in court.

A mold expert witness offers opinions to the court about the chemical hygiene plans or the environmental management system of a company to determine if health issues are directly related the levels of mold found in building. They also determine whether health issues in employees or residents are directly related to sick building syndrome, or building-related illness. This situation occurs when occupants living or working in a building experience acute health problems related to the amount of mold found inside. Typically, health problems such as dizziness, nausea, and frequent headaches dissipate once a person leaves the building. A mold expert witness may prepare reports for a landlord or company to determine problem locations for mold and help create a plan to eliminate it.

By definition, an expert witness is a person with specific knowledge in a given field who is called to testify in a court of law. The court permits this person to testify without having been present at the scene of the crime due to specialized training or experience in a given field. Unlike other witnesses, who are only permitted to give testimony based on observed facts, an expert witness gives technical testimony based primarily on expertise and opinions. The court allows either the prosecuting or defense attorneys to use such testimony to support claims made by the prosecution or the defense.

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