What Is a Mobile Pedicure?

Madeleine A.

A mobile pedicure is a nail treatment performed by a mobile nail professional or technician. Generally, the mobile pedicure offers the same services as the brick-and-mortar nail salon, except that the customer can receive her services at her place of business, at home, or other specified location. Instead of the client going to the nail establishment, the establishment goes to the client.

A foot soak, part of a mobile pedicure.
A foot soak, part of a mobile pedicure.

Common services offered by the mobile pedicure technician are cutting and shaping the toenails, polishing them, and conditioning the feet with foot soaks and creams. In addition, the mobile pedicure business generally offers manicure services, and these typically include the application and removal of acrylic nails and the application of nail jewels.

Mobile nail technicians often offer pedicures as well as manicures.
Mobile nail technicians often offer pedicures as well as manicures.

The mobile pedicurist needs to have the same skills as the pedicurist working at a salon. In addition, licensing requirements are generally the same, as are the salaries. The mobile pedicure technician can work out of her car, but she needs tools and materials comparable to those used at a traditional salon. Also, other factors need to be taken into consideration, such as gas mileage and wear and tear on the vehicle.

Prior to booking an appointment with a mobile pedicure technician, the client needs to secure a location at her place of employment or other spot for the pedicure to be performed. Having a pedicure done by a mobile pedicure technician has pros and cons. The pros include that clients can schedule an appointment during a lunch hour without having to spend a portion of their lunch hour traveling, and the cons include a possible lack of privacy and the inability to relax in a plush, comfortable spa chair while getting a pedicure. In addition, many clients enjoy the socialization of a salon environment, and this component may be lacking with a mobile pedicure treatment.

Although the mobile nail technician enjoys freedom and independence of running her own business, it can be intimidating to work without the network of support that a salon offers. Ideally, to gain experience, a new technician may want to shadow another technician on some of her bookings so she can learn what it's like to render services in a non-traditional atmosphere.

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