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What is a Massage Bathtub?

Sandra Koehler
Sandra Koehler

Massage therapy uses manual or hands-on techniques to release pain and tightness resulting from injuries, stress or structural problems such as spine curvatures. Massage warms up the area and coaxes the muscles to relax. Water massage in a massage bathtub utilizes massage sensations through directed streams of water.

A massage bathtub is a specialized tub for "hydromassage," or water massage. Also known as a massage tub or spa tub, a massage bathtub in embedded with holes where water is pushed through to deliver a concentrated stream or jet. Areas of pain and tightness may be relieved by positioning the area directly over this pressurized flow of water.

Woman in breeze
Woman in breeze

Soaking in a tub of warm water can provide overall relaxation and reduction of stress. The water's buoyancy decreases overall pressure and stress on joints and muscles. Performing exercises or stretching in warm water can increase the amount of range of motion or movement. Spending time in a massage bathtub after exercise can also limit muscular tightness and joint pain.

Immersion in warm water increases circulation. Boosting circulation enhances the body’s ability to transport nutrients such as oxygen throughout the body and ridding the body of waste materials. Proper circulation is also essential in maintaining homeostasis, or the body’s internal stability. The massaging action of a massage bathtub enhances circulation while providing overall stress reduction.

Pressure-focused massage techniques can be beneficial in reducing tight muscles or spasms. Spasms are sudden, strong tightening of the muscles commonly seen with injuries or pain issues. The massaging action found in a massage bathtub can effectively loosen these tense areas. Increasing the water flow intensity may create a temporary loss of sensation to the area which may help in increasing movement that may have been hampered by pain or tightness issues.

When the positive healing effects of warm water is coupled with direct stimulation by pressurized streams of water in localized areas, as seen with a massage bathtub, an overall enhancement of well-being can be experienced. However, before using a massage bathtub, a consultation with a qualified medical professional may be necessary check for health conditions where massage may be detrimental.Care also must be taken when adjusting the water temperature as skin burning can occur. Setting the strength of water flow too high may cause irritation to the skin. Maintaining the stream of water in one concentrated area for an extended period of time may also result in the area becoming numb.

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    • Woman in breeze
      Woman in breeze