What is a Marketing Consulting Network?

Christine Hudson

A marketing consulting network is a group designed to help a business or entrepreneur determine which markets will respond favorably to a product and how it should be advertised and marketed. Having the product or service of the century means nothing if public awareness is not raised with the proper demographic being targeted. A marketing consulting network can specialize in a specific niche such as technology, foodstuffs, or even clothing.

Any business with a new or established product may benefit from marketing consulting services.
Any business with a new or established product may benefit from marketing consulting services.

Marketing consultants who are members of a marketing consulting network may have a special expertise that makes them an integral part of the team. For example, if a marketing consulting network specializes in marketing new forms of technology to consumers, one consultant within the network might have a vast knowledge and understanding of how the minds of males aged 18 to 34 work when purchasing new gadgets. Putting this expertise to work will help a business market its technology product to this demographic. Other members handle how to create the marketing materials, and still others control the project budgets and goals.

One of the most important aspects of marketing is market research. Most marketing consulting networks have a few team members who solely concentrate on compiling data on the market and determining what market is most suitable for the product or service offered. From the extensive market information gathered, it becomes easy to determine how best to market to that demographic. By handling this as well as all of the other aspects of marketing, a marketing consulting network can save a business quite a bit of money and time.

Since marketing consulting employs several different people with multiple skill sets, it is often more lucrative for a business seeking advice on marketing to consult with an entire network of people instead of just one consultant. With the Internet and social networking advances that take place each day, some consultants can help businesses properly apply their marketing campaigns across several social networks. This gives a company a very wide reach much more quickly than before the days of social marketing.

The scope of marketing consulting varies depending on expertise, but any business with a new or established product or service may benefit from this type of consultation. If a product or service is marketed to the wrong demographic of people or it is launched at the wrong time of the year, it could spell disaster for the company's product and profits. Consultants are trained to field all types of questions concerning new launches, including those the client might not anticipate.

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