What is a Magnetic Flow Meter?

Jean Marie Asta
Jean Marie Asta
Man with a drill
Man with a drill

A magnetic flow meter, also known as a mag flow meter, is a tool used to determine the speed and amount of liquid running through a pipe. These flow meters are most often used in the water, mining, chemical and water waste industries. Some types are even submersible, so they can be used in flooded areas as well. Most types of magnetic flow meters will include an easy to read screen to monitor the liquid flow in the pipes. This makes them easier for the typical layperson to use, and generally provides more accurate readings.

The more modern types of flow meters will have a large digital display, making it easy to always keep an eye on the liquid flowing through an area without having to get very close to the meter or having to remove it. Some meters will also have alarm settings, so that they will send out an alert if the flow becomes too strong, too slow, or if it stops due to a blockage. This can help to prevent pipes from bursting. A magnetic flow meter can even be protected with a password or a personal identification number, allowing only authorized users to operate it. This can help to prevent accidents from happening due to alarms being deactivated or the wrong settings being entered into the flow meter.

Companies that need a magnetic flow meter should choose one that is durable. Since it is going to be in contact with water and other liquids such as acids, caustics, or slurries, the meter must be able to handle exposure to these chemicals, as well as getting and staying wet for extended periods of time. A durable magnetic flow meter will help to prevent safety problems, such as surprise floods or pipes becoming damaged. These types of problems can be costly to fix and can be a hazard to workers.

When using a magnetic flow meter, it is important to know which type of liquid it is being used with. Electromagnetic flow meters will not work with all types of liquids, such as de-ionized water. They also will not measure hydrocarbons or gases. Before installing the flow meter, it is important to ensure it will work correctly with the liquid or other substance in the pipes. Otherwise, the meter will always give a reading of zero.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill