What Is a Luxury RV?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen
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Luxury recreational vehicles (RVs) are motorhomes and trailers that are designed to provide a maximum amount of comfort to its users when traveling on the road. There is no hard definition of what constitutes a luxury RV, though it typically has a number of qualities. These vehicles often come with a variety of lavish trim options, wood floors, granite countertops and slide-outs to create additional living space. Many luxury RVs also include multiple flat screen televisions, satellite dishes and other entertainment devices. Diesel pushers often serve as luxury RV platforms, though travel trailers and fifth wheels can offer many of the same options.

The line between luxury RVs and other motorhomes and trailers is not precise, and many of the features found in these expensive vehicles are also available in more affordable models. Slide-outs are found in all price ranges of recreational vehicles, though a luxury RV will tend to have more than other motorhomes or trailers of a similar size. Most RVs have one or two slide-outs, but they rarely have more. Luxury diesel pusher motorhomes often have two rear slide-outs in the bedroom and two more in the main living area, which can result in a dramatic increase in floorspace.

Luxury RVs typically offer a wide range of entertainment options as well. A long luxury RV might have a large television in the main living space, another in the bedroom and additional units in the kitchen or elsewhere. They typically also include a multi-speaker sound system that can provide audio to the main area or the bedroom. Integrated backup camera systems are commonly found in diesel pushers, and in many cases, they will include multiple cameras. This type of system can be designed to switch to the left or right side camera when the turn signal is activated, so that the driver can have a better view before switching lanes.

Another area in which a luxury RV can often be differentiated is the fixtures. Luxury RVs often have full-sized baths or spacious showers as well as toilets that approximate real flushing action instead of the traditional knife valve units found in other recreational vehicles. In some cases, luxury RVs even include a separate half-bath in addition to a traditional three-quarters or full bath. The sinks located in both the bathroom and kitchen are typically full-sized as well. Instead of the laminate countertops found in most RVs, they typically will include solid acrylic or even granite counters.

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