What is a Keyword Generator?

Malcolm Tatum

Also known as a keyword finder or a keyword analyzer, the keyword generator is a software tool that is used to help individuals create content that is likely to result in larger volumes of traffic to a given web site. The idea behind using this type of software program is that there are certain words and phrases that people tend to use when conducting online searches. By utilizing the right types of keywords, it is possible to obtain a higher ranking with various search engines, and thus increase the possibility of people visiting a specific site as a result of that browsing activity.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

It is important to note that a keyword generator does much more than simply identify a few words that may be helpful in the copy posted on a given web site. Many generators offer a range of related words and phrases that are frequently used to conduct online searches. This feature allows anyone who is writing copy for a web site to attain a list of keywords that are directly related to the subject manner and make use of them in the final copy. Doing so helps to not only prevent the using the same keyword too often in the text, but also helps to provide a bit of variety that is more likely to hold the attention of the reader.

The value of a keyword generator when it comes to keyword optimization cannot be underestimated. As search engines have become more sophisticated in identifying online copy that makes gratuitous use of keywords to drive traffic to a web site, the results obtained from keyword generating software have become even more important. A good generator makes it possible to still optimize the content to best advantage, but avoid the too frequent use of any one word that is likely to result in an unfavorable ranking on different engines. There is no doubt that the generation of a viable keyword list using this type of generator can greatly enhance the web presence of just about any business.

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Proper keyword use can make a huge difference in the profitability of a web site. By identifying and using the right combination of primary and secondary keywords, it is possible to rank higher in search engine returns using those words, which in turn increases the potential of more visitors to the site. Assuming that the web site uses keywords that are relevant to the visitor’s search, there is a good chance he or she will remain on the site long enough to make a purchase, or at least bookmark the site and make a purchase in the future.

Today, there are many different keyword generator software packages on the market today. Most of these take data obtained from different search engines, analyze current trends in browsing activity, and provide useful suggestions for keywords in a manner of seconds. While many of these programs are for sale, there are also several keyword suggestion engines online that cost nothing to use. This means that even someone who has no money and wants to try to monetize a blog can still make use of a keyword generator and increase the chances of building a loyal online audience.

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