What is a Hood Liner?

Amy Hunter

A hood liner is the inner lining of a decorative range hood. The hood liner is what actually filters the kitchen air. It hides behind and under the decorative range hood. Decorative range hoods are an inexpensive way to add a custom element to your home.

A hood liner is the inner lining of a range hood that filters kitchen air.
A hood liner is the inner lining of a range hood that filters kitchen air.

Traditionally, the range hood that people chose for their homes would coordinate with the appliances in their kitchen. If they had white appliances, the range hood would be white, while stainless steel appliances called for a stainless steel range hood. A decorative range hood with a hood liner changed that assumption. Decorative range hoods allow homeowners to customize the look of their kitchens without spending a great deal of money.

You can have a decorative range hood custom made for your kitchen. It can be crafted from wood, tile, plaster, metal or tile. Any material that would coordinate and accent your kitchen can be used to construct a decorative hood. Decorative hoods made from tile or plaster are typically constructed on a frame of plywood. Metal and wood hoods have no additional framework.

Decorative hoods are also available from cabinet supply companies. If you are purchasing new cabinets, there is probably a decorative hood that coordinates with the style you are buying. If not, most cabinet suppliers have a stock design that will coordinate well with any design.

Once you have your decorative hood in place, you are ready to install the hood liner. It is possible to purchase ready to install hood liners that are much more affordable than custom made ones. Additionally, the ready-to-install hood liners are a do-it-yourself project.

Ready to install hood liners come with the same options as traditional range hoods. They are available with halogen or fluorescent lighting, pre-wired and assembled for installation. The blower is included as well.

A decorative range hood with hood liner is a wonderful kitchen accessory that adds beauty and value to your home. While many people are happy with their range hoods, if you are looking for something different in your home, a decorative range hood with hood liner is an affordable way to add an accent look to your home.

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