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What is a Hole Digger Auger?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

An auger is a device that contains a helical shaft, which is used to remove material from an area. The shape of an auger is comparable to a drill bit with a long shaft that contains circular cuts. A hole digger auger is a large helical shaft that is used for drilling holes in dirt. This type of equipment is typically used in digging post holes for a fence.

There are many types of augers available today. Most augers are used in farming to create holes in the ground. These include tractor augers, one-man augers, two-man augers, and manual hand augers. A hole digger auger comes in many dimensions, depending on the size and depth of hole being drilled.

An ice fisherman can use a hole digger augur to cut through ice.
An ice fisherman can use a hole digger augur to cut through ice.

A pengo auger is a more aggressive auger bit, which can dig through difficult material. The pengo design includes additional teeth or blades at the entry point of the shaft to assist in cutting through the hard ground. This auger bit is a hole digger auger device that can be attached to multiple types of digging augers.

A hand auger is a device used for drilling in ice or wood, which uses a knob and shaft to drill through material. This type of auger requires manually cranking of the shaft area to perform drilling. The hand auger can be used for ice drilling, however, modern machine-driven ice augers are also available.

The StrikeMaster ice auger is one of the most popular brands of ice augers. It contains extremely sharp blades that are specially designed to cut through ice. The ice hole digger auger is typically used by fishermen. Ice fishing has modernized over the last few decades. With fast-drilling augers and sonar equipment, fishermen are able to fish multiple holes throughout the day.

The grain auger is an auger device designed to pull grain from from trucks into wheat bins. It was invented by Peter Pakosh in the 1945. These augers are typically powered by tractors or standalone motors. The use of this auger device has increased productivity in the farming industry.

A bulb auger is another version of the hole digger auger. This device was created to simplify the planting of flower bulbs. The bulb auger is a helical shaft that is typically connected to a normal mechanical drill gun as a drill bit. It can drill a hole up to three inches (7.62 cm) wide and eight inches (20 cm)deep.

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    • An ice fisherman can use a hole digger augur to cut through ice.
      By: Maxim Petrichuk
      An ice fisherman can use a hole digger augur to cut through ice.