What is a History Tutor?

B. Miller

A history tutor is an individual who provides additional instruction in history to students. A tutor may provide extra help for an entire class, or just help with studying for a test or completing a challenging assignment. Almost anyone can be a history tutor, and tutors are often needed in middle school, high school, or college. There are a few different types of tutors to consider.

Some students benefit from the aid of a tutor.
Some students benefit from the aid of a tutor.

A professional history tutor is one type of tutor. He or she will likely be an adult who teaches history as a full-time job, but may work also work part time as a tutor who can be hired by parents of students, or by the students themselves. Though a professional in education will likely have the best grasp of the information, as well as effective teaching methods, it may also be slightly expensive to hire this type of tutor, and some students would rather work with their peers than another teacher.

High school history tutors typically hold a college degree in teaching or in a math-related field.
High school history tutors typically hold a college degree in teaching or in a math-related field.

Another type of history tutor is another student at the school at which the history student already attends. It may be an older student, or just a student in the same grade who really understands the material. This can be beneficial because this tutoring is almost always free, and students may enjoy working with their peers. In universities, graduate students or upper-level undergraduate students in a history program often tutor others in different degree programs. Some tutors may advertise their services around school, or students can ask a professor or teacher for suggestions.

Finally, some websites offer virtual tutoring, either for free or for a small fee. Students may receive help in history in their own homes, and the tutoring may even be more specialized based on their grade level and the subjects they are studying. This type of tutoring can be helpful if students just need to check their answers on their homework, or need some extra help with a test.

Any history tutor should be able to tutor the student individually in the information in which he or she needs. As "history" is an incredibly broad topic of study, encompassing world history, the history of individual countries, famous and significant people, and significant events, among other topics, it is important for the tutor to listen to the student and only go over the necessary information. Also, one history tutor may know more about a particular area than another. Some tutors may work with students in a private lesson on a one-on-one basis, while others may tutor small groups of students, such as in a study group after school.

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