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What is a Heated Hose?

Alexis W.
Alexis W.

A heated hose is a hose that has access to a source of hot water. Usually, a heated hose will have access to a hot water tank. Heated hoses may also be insulated with rubber or other materials, and may be thicker or more durable than a standard hose in order to maintain a consistently warm temperature.

A standard hose used in a home is not heated. Instead, the hose has access only to a source of cold water. This means that most hoses cannot be used during the winter months when the temperature is below freezing, as the water could potentially freeze and cause a backup in the pipes, or even cause the pipe to burst.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Some homeowners who want to be able to use their hose year round, even when living in cold climates, opt to get a heated hose instead. This type of hose can be useful if you want to wash things, such as cars, garbage cans or other large outdoor items, during the winter months. Generally, installation of a heated hose is simple if you have the proper access to plumbing, and can arrange for the spigot feeding your hose to be connected to a hot water tank.

Heated hoses can also be used in industrial environemnts to distribute fluids other than water, such as tar, plastics, and metal adhesives. It is common to see heated hoses in commercial applications. Many industries require the use of a heated hose for manufacturing, construction or cleaning purposes.

In this type of industrial setting, most heated hoses have a hook-up to a commercial hot water tank if used for hot water. If used to distribute other items than water, the hose must be designed to industry-specific specifications. In these cases, the temperatures must sometimes be very hot, so the heated hose can properly distribute the materials being used.

In order to maintain and conduct heat, heated hoses may be made of thicker materials than standard garden hoses. Rubber or other insulating material is often used to create a heated hose. As a result, heated hoses may be more expensive than standard hoses that you purchase at a local home improvement store.

If your hose spigot does not have access to a hot water system, it is also possible to buy an electric heated hose. Industrial hoses, such as pressure hoses, are commonly available as electric heated hoses. These hoses are specifically designed to maintain uniform temperature throughout.

Electrically heated hoses usually have a temperature sensor that ensures the water is at an appropriate temperature. They are often designed to be flexible for ease of use. An electric heted hose also provides consistent pressure and other special features.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass