What is a Hawthorn Supplement?

Elva K.

Hawthorn, also known as crataegus laevigata, is a supplement that treats elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart problems. Hawthorn supplement contains flavonoids, procyanidins, vitamin C, tannins, glycosides, and antioxidants that can stop damage done by free radicals inside the human body. It also reportedly reduces cholesterol, improves the strength of joint linings, collagen, and the discs of the spine. That is why hawthorn supplement is in such high demand as a supplement.

Hawthorn supplements treat elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart problems.
Hawthorn supplements treat elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart problems.

This supplement is derived from a shrub related to the rose flower. The shrub grows on the sides of hills and in wooded areas in various parts of the world. The leaves, flower, and berry parts of the shrub are used for medicine. This herb has actually been utilized for hundreds of years to treat many medical problems.

Hawthorn supplement reportedly protects the walls of the arteries, enlarges heart blood vessels, and generally improves the pumping function of the heart. It increases the blood supply in the heart area and improves circulation by reducing artery resistance. In addition, hawthorn supplement also reportedly prevents cholesterol oxidation, which can produce inflammation in the arteries.

Hawthorn supplement can be purchased in capsule, liquid, tincture, or solid form. Also, of note, one can make tea using hawthorn leaves. There are side effects of taking this herb, including nausea, rapid heart beat, rash, stomach pain, drowsiness, or head pain, and there could be problems if one takes hawthorn with other herbs, non-prescription medication, or prescription medication. Also it is typically recommended that pregnant women or those with low blood pressure do not take a hawthorn supplement; however, it is generally a safe herb when taken as recommended by physicians.

Please note that hawthorn does not prevent heart attacks. Please note that if heart attacks are happening, it is necessary to get to a hospital right away. Although hawthorn does not stop heart attacks, there are reports that it could be helpful to control irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia.

If the decision is made to get a supplement such as hawthorn, it is important to not make that decision alone. Typically, it is recommended that one should get a full physical from a physician prior to taking this supplement. In fact, in general, it is recommended that one should not take any herbal supplement without a physician's recommendation.

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