What Is a Grooming Table?

Kesha Ward

Frequently used by professional pet groomers, a grooming table can also be purchased for home use. Although using a table is not required to groom a pet, using one can make the process less difficult. The table provides a solid foundation for the animal to stand on and has an attached neck leash to hold the pet securely in place while his fur is washed, brushed, and trimmed. Using a grooming table can help alleviate the need to bend over a tub or basin to wash the animal, a process that can be hard on the back; using a grooming table will allow a person to stand and complete the grooming process.

A dog being washed.
A dog being washed.

Grooming tables are available in many different sizes, designed to accommodate small or large breeds. Some larger tables can easily hold a large pet that weighs over 100 pounds (45.3 kg). The most common tables are height adjustable and fold for easy storage and space savings.

Groomed kittens.
Groomed kittens.

When adjusting the grooming table and setting up for a grooming session, the pet should sit at the groomer's waist level. Depending on the table, it may even be adjusted so the person can sit while grooming. The ability to modify the height of the table can be particularly helpful if it will be used with pets of various sizes.

In addition to being ergonomically friendly, the grooming table is safer than using a kitchen counter or table. If the pet is wet, he can easily slip and get hurt; a serious injury can result if the surface is high. The leash loop on the grooming table delicately wraps around the pet's neck to hold him securely on the table, going over the animal's head in much the same way a traditional pet collar does. Although the leash may look restrictive, it should be no more restraining than a regular pet collar. The leash may be irritating to a pet at first, but after several grooming sessions, he will typically get used to the loop and easily tolerate it.

When brushing or trimming a pet, grooming can leave behind a large amount of hair. Using a bathtub to groom the animal can result in clogged drains and is often messy. A grooming table can allow the hair to be confined in one area for quick and easy cleanup.

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