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What Is a Green Fundraiser?

B. Miller
B. Miller

A green fundraiser is a method an organization uses to raise money in an eco-friendly way. This can take many different forms, but as more and more people become conscious of our impact upon the planet, and want to do something to help, green fundraisers are the next logical step. Schools, churches, and religious institutions, or nonprofit organizations may all participate in green fundraising. This can involve selling an eco-friendly item to make a profit, such as a soy candle, a reusable bag, or flower bulbs to plant. A different type of green fundraiser involves collecting broken or unwanted electronic items to recycle, and gives a tax-deductible receipt in return; the organization can then recycle these items for cash.

The type of green fundraiser an organization chooses largely depends on their goals and time frame. Some fundraising ventures are more lucrative than others, and some, such as a recycling fundraiser, work better over a longer period of time. There are a number of companies that exist to provide low-cost, eco-friendly items to organizations to sell for fundraising purposes, or companies that will recycle items for a recycling fundraiser. It may take simply a little bit of extra research and searching online to find green fundraiser opportunities.

Some organizations fund raise by recycling old cell phones.
Some organizations fund raise by recycling old cell phones.

Fundraisers in which something is sold by participants are some of the most common and easiest to start. To make them "green" and eco-friendly, items designed to help the earth or prevent further pollution are sold. For instance, soy candles are a great choice because they are healthy, good for the planet, and enjoyed any time of the year. Reusable bags are also a popular option, to give people an alternative to plastic bags. Flower bulb fundraisers, or those that sell seeds or even plant-a-tree fundraisers, are an even better choice because they actively do something to help the planet.

Another common type of green fundraiser is known as a recycling fundraiser, and does not require participants to sell anything. Instead, donations of old electronics are solicited; this includes everything from old cell phones to digital cameras and laptops. People can donate their old items and receive a receipt for the value of the goods that can be deducted from the income taxes. Periodically, the organization can then submit the items they've collected for recycling, and receive cash in return. This keeps items out of landfills, doesn't require knocking on doors or making phone calls, and is often one of the most lucrative green fundraising options.

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    • Some organizations fund raise by recycling old cell phones.
      By: arska n
      Some organizations fund raise by recycling old cell phones.