What is a Freestanding Pantry?

Micki Elizabeth
Micki Elizabeth
Woman baking cookies
Woman baking cookies
Woman baking cookies

A freestanding pantry is a piece of furniture similar in style to a cabinet that is typically used as storage space to hold food or other kitchen needs. The term “freestanding” refers to the fact that this type of pantry is not built into the architecture of a home and can be placed wherever the user wants it. It is a fairly inexpensive addition to the kitchen that can come in a variety of styles.

Some kitchens may not be equipped with a built-in pantry or ample cabinet space to meet a household’s storage needs. Building extra cabinetry into the wall may be expensive. Furthermore, this task usually requires either the help of a professional or dedicated time and effort.

A freestanding pantry can be a quick solution to storage problems. This kind of pantry can be purchased already assembled, or it may require home assembly. The brands that must be put together in the home, however, are said to be somewhat easy to build. Then, the freestanding pantry can be placed as desired in the kitchen or in any other room in the home where space is adequate.

There are a variety of styles to choose from so that a freestanding pantry can accommodate both practical and aesthetic needs. This furniture may be made out of various materials of differing quality. While sturdier pantries could be the more expensive option, it is important to keep safety in mind. If a household plans on adding a great deal of heavy items to a pantry, a strong wood or similar material may be the safest choice.

Many freestanding pantries have multiple shelves in order to hold as much as possible. Usually, this furniture will also have doors to hide the shelves and their contents for a less cluttered look. Due to the number of colors one can choose from, it is possible to find a freestanding pantry that closely matches the existing aesthetic of a kitchen.

Often times, a freestanding pantry may come with additional features that may be useful in the kitchen. A cutting block may fold down from the side or have pantry space underneath. This block can be used as counter space or as a cutting board when preparing meals. Sometimes, there are hooks added to pantry furniture so that pots, pans, and aprons can be hung as an additional way to save space.

A pantry can also be a nice stage for decorations in the home. Like a refrigerator, photos can be put up to personalize a space. Calendars or important notes could find a place on the pantry as well. The top of a pantry, if the furniture is sturdy, can also usually hold decorative items, or it can act as more storage space.

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    • Woman baking cookies
      Woman baking cookies