What is a Food Allergy Rash?

Felicia Dye

The skin can be a great signal of allergies. Some people are allergic to certain household cleansers and others are allergic to certain beauty products. A food allergy rash is an abnormal development on the skin that occurs when a person is allergic to something that she has consumed. This may result in redness, itching, or burning.

Food allergies may manifest as skin rashes.
Food allergies may manifest as skin rashes.

It is common for people to be allergic to certain foods. There is a group of foods referred to as the “Big 8.” Among this group are items such as wheat, milk, and peanuts. The Big 8 is believed to account for the vast majority of food allergies. A food allergy rash is one common result of eating such foods for those who are allergic.

Every food allergy rash is not the same.
Every food allergy rash is not the same.

When people think of rashes, they often think of contagion. Although a food allergy rash may be unsightly, it does not pose a risk to other people. A food allergy results when the body falsely identifies something that a person has consumed as a harmful substance. A food allergy rash, which is one of the effects of this overreaction, cannot be spread to others.

Every food allergy rash is not the same. In some cases, a food allergy rash is just a patch of mildly irritated skin. A person may develop a single area of redness which is itchy or inflamed. In some instances, hives can develop on various areas of the body at once. When a person has severe food allergies, the rash that occurs may be precursor of more serious allergic reactions that in some cases result in death.

A food allergy rash may not be identified for what it is at first. This is because the skin can be affected by a number of things. People commonly eat foods in combinations and consume ingredients that they are not aware of. This can prevent a person from readily drawing a connection between her skin irritation and the food or beverages that she consumes. Many people who suffer with food allergy rashes are misdiagnosed as suffering from eczema.

It is believed that children suffer from the condition more than adults. It is not, however, considered rare among adults. It is also believed that children whose parents suffer from the condition are more likely to have food allergy rashes than children whose parents do not have allergies.

There are not currently any recognized cures for a food allergy rash. When a person develops one, she may be able to use external or internal medication to reduce the irritation. These are not, however, effective as preventive measures that will allow her to eat the problem foods without suffering from future rashes.

Food allergies may manifest as hives.
Food allergies may manifest as hives.

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