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What is a Floss Handle?

Norma Jean Howland
Norma Jean Howland

The floss handle is a gadget that holds dental floss in place so that flossing between teeth, especially in those hard to reach areas, is easier. These handles come in different styles and sizes; some are about the size of a regular toothbrush, while others are about half that size. The basic idea is to make flossing simpler, without the mess of traditional wind-around-the-finger flossing.

Floss handles come in a variety of styles and the right fit can go a long way towards promoting good dental hygiene. Flossing only helps maintain healthy teeth and gums if it is performed on a regular basis. Traditional flossing can be difficult for those who have arthritic fingers, while children, who haven't fully developed their motor skills, often get frustrated trying to floss. A floss handle can be an answer for many people who struggle with this task.

Some floss handles have a lock and groove system. They are usually about the size of a toothbrush. This type of floss handle works using a small floss holder, which is popped in to the handle for use, then popped out and thrown away after.

Good dental hygiene is crucial for maintaining a healthy smile.
Good dental hygiene is crucial for maintaining a healthy smile.

Other floss handles are designed for one time use only. They are fitted with floss strips and are disposable. This type of flosser is generally smaller and can be useful for traveling. They can easily be tucked into a purse, pocket, briefcase or carry on bag.

If one particular brand or flavor of floss is preferred, there are floss handles that can be used over and over again with the choice of waxed, unwaxed, or flavored floss. These handles usually have prongs that pull the floss into place to thread it. For children who may have difficulty flossing, there are many colorful floss handles designed specifically for smaller hands.

Sometimes a floss handle comes with perks like floss picks for gum stimulation at one end, or floss that is stored right in the handle. There are even flossers for those who don't want to put much effort into flossing. These automatic floss handles are powered by batteries, similar to automatic toothbrushes, and do most of the work automatically.

While dentists agree that flossing can greatly benefit dental health, getting patients to floss properly isn't always easy. Finding the right floss handle may make flossing every day less of a chore, almost as easy as brushing the teeth.

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    • Good dental hygiene is crucial for maintaining a healthy smile.
      By: Paul Hill
      Good dental hygiene is crucial for maintaining a healthy smile.