What is a Flat Roasting Rack?

Malcolm Tatum

The flat roasting rack is an ideal kitchen utensil to help ensure the even baking or roasting of various cuts of meat. Placed into the bottom of a roasting pan, the flat roasting rack allows the bottom of the meat to cook thoroughly without burning on the bottom of the pan. Here is some information about the flat roasting pan and how it is often used around the kitchen.


The flat roasting rack is available in a couple of different designs, since not all roasting pans are shaped exactly the same. It is possible to purchase a rectangular rack that will fit into just about every roasting pan. An oval rack is manufactured that is especially suited for use with an oval roasting pan. However, it is not uncommon for some cooks to use a smaller rectangular shaped flat roasting rack in a larger oval roasting pan. This is common when there are several roasting pans of different sizes in the kitchen, and the desire is to have one roasting rack that will work with all of them.

Construction of the flat roasting rack is very simple. Roasting racks are made of thin metal wires, often stainless steel that run parallel to one another, forming the body of the rack. Two or three connecting wires run across the body of the frame to provide strength to the rack. Often, the ends of flat roasting racks will have short metal handles that make it easy to remove the rack from the pan. The stainless steel construction ensures that the flat roasting rack will hold up to a lot of use, as well as be very easy to clean after each use.

The purpose of the flat roasting rack is twofold. First, the rack keeps the cut of meat off the bottom of the roasting pan. This allows for air circulation that helps to cook the meat evenly and eliminates burning. Second, the open construction of the rack allows the drippings to collect in the bottom of the pan, where they can be easily retrieved for making gravies and sauces. In general, flat roasting racks also make it easier to lift the meat from the roasting pan, as well as making cleaning the pan much easier.

The flat roasting rack can often be found in kitchen boutiques, restaurant supply stores and the kitchen departments of the more upscale department stores. Less expensive racks made of aluminum are often found in discount retail stores, but these types will not last as long as the sturdier stainless steel models. For anyone who cooks regularly, getting a good quality flat roasting rack is well worth the money spent.

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