What is a Financial Analysis Manager?

Osmand Vitez

A financial analysis manager is an individual who works in a company’s financial or accounting department and conducts various analyses on financial information. These individuals may work in job positions including controller, treasurer, finance officer, credit manager, cash manager, or risk manager, depending on the company and business industry in which they work. Traditionally, the controller is the only position directly responsible for the creation of financial accounting statements or supervising other accountants. The remaining positions are responsible for budgets, managing capital, reviewing investments and preparing risk management procedures.

A financial analysis manager analyzes financial information.
A financial analysis manager analyzes financial information.

A formal college education is usually required for individuals obtaining a job as a financial analysis manager. A common degree for this career is a bachelor of business administration with a specialization in finance. This degree lays the foundation for understanding a variety of financial and business topics. Coursework may include business management, economics, accounting, statistics, microeconomics, corporate finance, banking fundamentals, risk in security analysis, business investments, global finance, and other similar courses. Individuals may also choose to get a master’s degree in business administration to enhance their understanding of financial concepts.

A master’s in business administration with a finance concentration includes similar coursework to undergraduate finance degrees. The significant difference is that master’s coursework delves into business and financial theory, rather than simply laying a foundation of knowledge. Learning about financial theory can help individuals make sound decisions and deliver clear presentations regarding business situations in their work as a financial analysis manager.

A financial analysis manager career may also require individuals to obtain professional certification. Two common professional certifications include the certified management accountant license (CMA) and certified financial manager (CFM) licenses. These licenses are offered through the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), located in the United States. Although located in the United States, the IMA has several international locations that offer these certifications for individuals living and working in international business environments.

The CMA and CFM certifications provide individuals with a broad-based business competency and understanding of management or financial business tools. These certifications often separate individuals applying for a financial analysis manager position. Companies often look more favorably on individuals with certification, since these individuals were required to pass an intense two-part examination testing their understanding and knowledge of financial information. These certifications may also be earned by an individuals currently working as financial analysis managers in order to help them advance their current careers and possibly obtain a promotion within their companies.

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