What is a Drill Extractor?

Victoria Blackburn
Victoria Blackburn
Drill extractors may be used to retrieve broken drill bits.
Drill extractors may be used to retrieve broken drill bits.

The word extract means to pull or draw out, usually with some type of force. A drill is equipped with a rotating part that holds attachments used to make holes in various types of materials such as wood or metal. The power of the drill rotates the tip or bit to create enough force to put a hole in the material. Sometimes the drill tip or bit may break in the process of drilling, requiring removal of the piece from the material. A drill extractor is a tool that is used to retrieve drill parts, screws, attachments or broken drill bits that have been detached while attempting to make a hole in an object.

Most people who work with drills also have accessories that they can use to troubleshoot through common issues like stripped or broken screws or bits. A drill extractor is a very simple attachment that contains pieces that will do the work to un-drill damaged screws, bolts or drill pieces that are broken or stuck. While the drill works to screw things into the item, a drill extractor works to remove them when they become damaged. Extractors are usually used to remove items that are difficult or impossible to be removed by the human hand.

It is not uncommon that when attempting to drill into hard material, such as metal, wood or concrete, that the bit used gets stuck or caught in the material. Breakage or lodging generally happens when the wrong bits are used or the material is just too tough to be pierced. When this occurs it is necessary to extract the broken pieces from the material in order to continue with the project.

The tapered threads on the drill extractor bit work to grip the item, loosen it up and screw it backward, removing it from being stuck. Many extractors come with a T-shaped handle designed to be secured tightly over the extractor bit so it turns easily to remove the damaged piece. Extractors are made of solid steel so they are both durable and strong and will not break off when removing lodged items from tough material. Pilot hole drill bits allow the driller to first make a starter hole to allow the extractor to have a better grip into the damaged item and pull it out more easily.

Drills are available in many different makes and models. Accessories, including drill extractors, can be found for the various types of drill models and are designed for different types of screw extractions. The drill extractor is put onto the drill just like any other bit and is powered by the drill motor to remove the pieces that have gone astray.

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    • Drill extractors may be used to retrieve broken drill bits.
      Drill extractors may be used to retrieve broken drill bits.