What is a Dissolution Attorney?

G. Wiesen

A dissolution attorney is someone who, in general, specializes in the dissolution of agreements, contracts, or other legal matters. Dissolution can mean somewhat different things depending on the context in which it is being used, and a lawyer may specialize in one particular field or have a strong understanding of dissolution in general. In family law, for example, dissolution may mean the end of a marriage through divorce or reversing a legal adoption. A dissolution lawyer could also work in business and assist in the dissolution of commercial agreements and contracts or even help legally end partnerships and liquidate corporations.

A dissolution attorney may handle the dissolution of agreements or contracts.
A dissolution attorney may handle the dissolution of agreements or contracts.

One of the most common specializations for a dissolution attorney is working in family law. While dissolution is the end of a contract or agreement in general, within family law this typically refers to a marriage agreement. Often referred to as divorce, a dissolution attorney can work with one or both parties during this process to ensure it is as painless as possible. In some cases, such an attorney may instead represent one party against the other to ensure that his or her client is properly compensated during the dissolution process.

A dissolution attorney working in family law may also be involved with reversing or ending a legal adoption, sometimes called disruption. This can happen when someone finds he or she is unable to properly care for a child. It may also occur if a government agency decides the adoption is not in the best interests of the child.

In the business world, dissolution may refer to a number of different things, and a dissolution attorney could be assisting with one of several different processes. Dissolution of a partnership typically refers to the end of a business partnership. A dissolution attorney overseeing this type of process could ensure that one or both parties are properly compensated during the dissolution of the partnership. The attorney will also commonly assist in filing whatever paperwork is necessary to legally dissolve the partnership and deal with any property or assets jointly held by the partners.

In business, a dissolution attorney may also help in the liquidation of a corporation. This is the process by which a corporation is eliminated, and the various assets and financial responsibilities of the corporation are handled before it ceases to exist. Dissolution is the final step in liquidation, and an attorney working in this field will usually assist in liquidating the business and ensuring the corporation is properly dissolved.

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