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What is a Diesel Hybrid?

Kasey James
Kasey James

A diesel hybrid is the term for a vehicle that includes a diesel engine and an electric engine. The electric engine runs off a battery often made from lithium-ion. These vehicles usually have good fuel efficiency and are considered to be more eco-friendly than vehicles that run off gasoline or diesel fuel alone.

There are two parts that make a diesel hybrid vehicle work. The first part is the diesel engine. A diesel engine takes diesel fuel to make it run. Diesel fuel has been used for large trucks, trains, and boats in the past. Many people previously thought diesel fuel was dirty and caused too much pollution.

Diesel is a cleaner alternative to gasoline.
Diesel is a cleaner alternative to gasoline.

Now, diesel fuel is cleaner and becoming an alternative to gasoline in many vehicles. Auto companies are using diesel because it is more fuel-efficient than gasoline. In the past, diesel engines have been very noisy, but they have evolved into quieter engines that sound similar to a gasoline engine in a car.

The second part to a diesel hybrid vehicle is the hybrid technology. Hybrid means that there are two different power sources running the vehicle. The battery used in a hybrid vehicle will allow the electric engine to run the vehicle during lower speeds or when the vehicle is idling. Some batteries will allow the electric motor to run once the vehicle is up to a certain speed and coasts around that same speed. The diesel hybrid uses both engines to make the vehicle run efficiently.

The fuel economy for a diesel hybrid vehicle is often much better than a car with only a gasoline engine or a diesel engine. Since it does not need as much fuel to go long distances, it can save the owner money and time. The overall cost of diesel hybrid vehicles can be much higher because they have two engines and a battery. As the technology becomes better, the overall price may decrease.

Many automakers around the world are working on the diesel hybrid technology. This technology may be helpful, as it should not release as many greenhouse gases and can save on fuel, which can be better for the environment. Many cars and sport utility vehicles are being manufactured with this combination of engines.

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    • Diesel is a cleaner alternative to gasoline.
      By: Maridav
      Diesel is a cleaner alternative to gasoline.