What is a Commercial Water Softener?

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

Also known as an industrial water softener, a commercial water softener is a water softener system designed for a large capacity of water. This water treatment system is typically used by large companies who serve many clients, such as hotels and resorts. Like the household version, a commercial water softener works by replacing the mineral ions present in the water with sodium ions.

A commercial water softener replaces mineral ions in water with sodium ions to make it safer and cleaner for drinking.
A commercial water softener replaces mineral ions in water with sodium ions to make it safer and cleaner for drinking.

High levels of calcium and magnesium present in water can cause problems for large businesses and government buildings, just as it can in individual homes. Scaled, clogged pipes and soap scum can cause monetary and health problems. Military bases, school buildings, reality groups, and many other workplaces all utilize commercial grade water softeners. Utility companies, colleges, and park service buildings are other common purchasers of commercial grade water softeners.

In order to support such large water volumes, industrial water conditioner systems must generally be larger and more resilient than a typical home water softener. The amount of water a commercial water softener can treat can range from 30,000 to over 1,000,000 grains of removal capacity. Common commercial water softener models include those that are tall and slim, barrel-shaped, and long, parallel tubes.

Both single and double commercial water softener tanks are typically available for purchase. Choosing between these two types of water purifier systems depends on the specific size and needs of a company. So-called smart softeners, which can track the average amount of water used by a company, are also available. Water softener systems are adjustable, allowing each purchaser to control the unit's workload with a twist of a valve.

Several mechanical components generally come standard with a commercial water softener. Mineral and brine tanks, typically made with a commercial grade resin, are both typically included. Easily operated control valves are normally included with each model. Some tanks have skid mounting equipment that is optional to purchase. Most companies will ship industrial grade water softeners to their purchasers, though some may offer delivery and possible installation options to the location where the softener will be used.

Rather than purchasing a water softener, some people opt to instead install a water filtration system. While this eliminates many problematic substances found inside water, it can be very costly. A commercial water softener is largely considered to be more cost effective for big businesses and places where many people use water. Water filtration devices are often reserved for drinking water alone in such cases.

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

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Industrial water softeners are also used in other applications, like treating boiler feed water, or maintaining water within cooling towers.

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