What Is a Chocbox?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A Chocbox is an electrical safety product that covers electrical connections efficiently while meeting code requirements. Many electricians rely on a tool known as the screw connector strip in their work, and have historically used electrical tape to wrap such connections. This device eliminates the need for tape, which can make electricians more efficient, and also addresses upgrades to code in regions where tape-covered screw connections no longer meet government standards. It can be used for both electrical and telecommunications applications.

Used by electricians, a chocbox is a safety device that covers electrical connections while meeting code requirements.
Used by electricians, a chocbox is a safety device that covers electrical connections while meeting code requirements.

The equipment consists of a plastic box with a mounting stage inside for screw connector strips. Electricians can set up the wiring inside and close the box to insulate and protect the connections. One advantage of the Chocbox is that it can prevent disconnections and other problems associated with partially exposed and taped wiring. It also limits the chance of shorts, electrical shocks, and other problems associated with exposed wiring because it covers the connection completely.

If further electrical work is needed, the box can be snapped open to access the wiring. The Chocbox has a low profile so it can fit in a variety of locations, and it may be used in new wiring as well as repairs and upgrades. Connector covers of this nature provide additional safety and can help electricians work more quickly because they don’t need to install individual insulation.

Initially released in the United Kingdom, the Chocbox has applications in other nations as well. Electrical codes are constantly being updated and regulatory officials may consider changes to codes in other nations when evaluating health and safety concerns. Requiring more effective insulation for wiring is an important concern as it can prevent fires, injuries, and damage to electrical equipment.

This invention has an interesting backstory; it attracted public attention when it was featured on Dragon’s Den, a BBC television program that allows entrepreneurs to connect with sources of funding and compete. Peter Moule, the inventor of the Chocbox, presented his proposal and not only won funding, but successfully landed a high-value contractor with a distributor of electrical supplies after his television appearance. Moule in turn invested in other products with potential in the electrical safety industry.

Before installing electrical components, it is advisable to make sure they meet regional codes, as violations may result in an order to redo the work. Fines may also be levied in some cases.Those unsure whether a Chocbox is appropriate for their area can check with regional building officials to determine whether it is approved.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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