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What Is a Ceramic Comb?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

A ceramic comb is a styling tool that is primarily used to straighten wavy or curly hair. Such combs might also be used as an accompaniment to scissors for cutting hair in order to add more definition. Ceramic combs are often used with heat for maximum straightening results, and some versions can attach to flat irons for curly locks. The type of comb stylists choose depends upon what function and features they need. As with all heat styling products, care must be taken to ensure that the hair is not damaged.

The main purpose of a ceramic comb is to straighten curly hair. Heated flat irons are the traditional way to straighten hair, but it may not be the most appropriate or the sole styling tool that a person needs. A ceramic comb may be used before or after a flat iron, depending on the desired effects, as curly haired-individuals might want relaxed waves or completely straightened locks.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Different types of straightening combs are made from brass, and they sometimes require preheating in an oven prior to use, though they are more efficient and less time-consuming than tools made from other materials. Some ceramic combs do come with a plug so that electricity can power them. Ceramic tools are better on the hair because the material stays evenly hot. As a result, a stylist does not have to use the tool on the same section of hair repeatedly, so this minimizes potential damage.

In some aspects, a ceramic comb is more efficient than ceramic flat irons. Combs have the ability to get to the roots of the hair, resulting in even more straightening effects throughout use. Straightening irons are thicker, and so users have difficulty reaching the roots of the hair, resulting in excess volume on the top of the head. Ceramic combs are also the better choice for those who desire less curls, but still want some volume throughout their hair.

As with other types of ceramic styling tools, ceramic combs can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Users should move the comb through the hair at a steady pace without going too slow to help to prevent damage. Caution should be exercised around the ears and face where the heat can potentially burn the skin.

There are other steps that may be taken to maximize the results of a ceramic comb. First, a straightening shampoo and conditioner might be used to help relax waves and curls to increase the efficacy of the comb. To prevent damage to hair, a heat protector spray should be used prior to using any styling tools. Blow drying hair prior to using a ceramic comb can also increase the effectiveness of the styling tool, but using too many heated tools can potentially damage hair.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing