What Is a Camera Purse?

B. Miller

A camera purse refers to a bag that is a cross between a stylish handbag and a standard camera bag. It is generally a bit larger than a regular purse in order to accommodate a camera body as well as any lenses or accessories, in addition to any other items like a wallet and cell phone. Camera purses are manufactured to give female photographers a more stylish option to carry their cameras, rather than a more utilitarian camera bag, often made of plain materials like nylon. They are often made of higher quality materials like leather, and feature cushioning and dividers to keep cameras and lenses protected and secure.

A camera.
A camera.

In general, a camera purse is intended to be used on a daily basis, for photographers who take their cameras everywhere they go. It is generally manufactured from leather, suede, or another sturdy material so that it holds up to daily use as well as protects its contents from damage. It may have a number of different sections, often separated by zippers. This allows people to carry their daily items such as a wallet or cell phone separately from their cameras and lenses. Though a camera purse is typically a lot more expensive than a standard camera bag, many people feel it is worth it to carry a stylish bag every day; they also make great gifts.

A camera purse.
A camera purse.

The inside of a camera purse is often thickly lined and cushioned, and typically also features cushioned dividers designed to hold the camera body as well as different lenses. Smaller pockets may be provided to hold memory cards, film, or other accessories. This allows people to quickly access what they are looking for, and prevents the camera items from bumping into each other, which could potentially scratch expensive lenses or filters. There are a number of different manufacturers creating these trendy camera purses, and though they may be difficult to find in stores, they are widely available online.

Though this is the most common type of camera purse, there is another type as well. In some cases, a camera purse might refer to a small novelty bag that is designed to look like a vintage camera. It may actually be shaped like a camera, or it may have the image of a vintage camera screen-printed on the front. These are popular with kids, and can often be found by searching online, especially on craft websites.

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