What is a California Gull?

Misty Amber Brighton

A California gull is a medium-sized bird found primarily in Canada and the western United States. It lives mainly near marshes and lakes during the summer, but may migrate to the Pacific coast of California of the United States during the winter. It is known to be a scavenger that feeds off garbage near boat docks or beaches. It might also forage in a farmer's field for insects.

The California gull migrates to the Pacific coast of California during the winter.
The California gull migrates to the Pacific coast of California during the winter.

A typical bird is around 17 inches (43.18 cm) from the tip of his beak to the end of the tail. It normally has a wingspan of around 52 inches (1.37 m). The legs are usually fairly short in comparison to the rest of this gull's body.

The beak of a California gull is usually bright yellow. It may sometimes have a black ring around it, near the tip. There is usually a small red dot on the underside of it as well.

This bird is usually gray and white. The head and chest of the bird are normally white, while the tail and wings may be gray. It can appear to have speckles on the darker sections of its body.

The female of this species normally lays her eggs near the shores of lakes. She might also lay them on remote islands off the California coast, or in the area of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. A nest is normally directly on the ground in a rocky area that has little grass or other vegetation. A California gull normally lays between three to five eggs at a time. They usually take around 25 days to hatch into baby birds, also called fledglings.

This bird has a tendency to pick things up off the ground or the top of the water while it is moving from place to place. This is not always because it is looking for food, as this animal is naturally very curious and a scavenger by nature. It has often been spotted in garbage dumps poking through the rubbish with its beak.

A California gull can sometimes be annoying to people picnicking on the beach or individuals who work on ships. This is because the bird often harasses people who are carrying food. They might also perch on a homeowner's roof while waiting to swoop down into their trash containers.

Although this animal has a negative reputation, it can actually be very beneficial. This is because it consumes pesky insects that could destroy crops or spread diseases. This fact might have contributed to the California gull being named the state bird of Utah.

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