What Is a Bucket Purse?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky
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Woman posing

When it comes to handbag fashion, the bucket purse creates a great look that can also be quite practical for some people. Generally deep and quite often large in size, these fashion statements can also carry many accessories. The typical handbag may contain necessary items such as a wallet and keys, change, and cell phone, while a bucket purse allows one to carry a number of other items as well. It is a good option for those who wish to carry everything in one stylish container instead of relying on a purse as well as a tote bag or other type of carryall.

Some handbags are literally made from buckets or constructed with an actual bucket design, much like a pail with a handle. Such bags may include wood or metal designs. Watering cans have also been made into handbags and fit into the bucket purse category. These are rather unique, while other bucket purse styles are made from the same materials as other common types of handbags.

The typical bucket purse will resemble a bucket in its design, regardless of its materials. Wide, cylindrical, and deep, it is large enough to contain numerous items while not looking overstuffed. The style may be structured in a way that mimics the hard shape of a bucket or it may be a loosely constructed, more casual design. Extra large styles may be referred to as a barrel or bucket barrel design.

The bucket purse can be casual or dressy. While many dressy purses tend to be tiny, they do not allow much room for carrying personal items. There are different sizes of bucket purses available, suited to a number of styles and purposes. Some bags also include adjustable or interchangeable straps, so they can be used as a purse or a tote, or can simply be changed for greater comfort.

A bucket purse generally utilizes a wide strap or straps. While the straps need to be strong to carry a larger load, the wider strap also allows for greater comfort. Skinny straps can cut into the shoulder, while wider straps help spread out the weight of the handbag. Wider straps are a staple when it comes to larger handbags.

The types of closures can also vary. A bucket purse may have a common clasp, a snap, button, zipper, Velcro®, or may utilize a drawstring. Some purses do not have closures at all but their depth and design helps keep items from falling out of the bag.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing