What Is a Bronzer Tanning Bed?

M. Chambers

A bronzer tanning bed is a device used to achieve a healthy-looking tan without direct sun exposure. Individuals lie inside of the bed for a short period of time to obtain a cosmetic tan from the ultraviolet rays emitted from the device. Regular tanning beds are generally more powerful and have more potent UVA rays than bronzer beds. As a result, tanning will take longer inside of a bronzer tanning bed.

Tanning beds allow users to achieve a darker skin color without exposing themselves to direct sunlight.
Tanning beds allow users to achieve a darker skin color without exposing themselves to direct sunlight.

Tanning beds are popular for those who wish to obtain a tan but do not want to spend time in the sun. They are also more convenient for many people because users can tan when they want. Bronzing or tanning will generally be faster if there are more bulbs used inside of the bed. Users can easily get dark skin with tanning beds, but the risk of sunburn is also high.

When using a bronzer tanning bed, individuals will not be exposed to as many ultraviolet rays as they would be inside of a regular tanning device. For this reason, the beds are a desirable choice for those who prefer to tan slowly or simply want to add a little color to the skin. The risk of sunburn is also much lower because of the lower level of UVA rays used. Despite this fact, individuals can still burn the skin and increase their chances of skin cancer later in life when using bronzer devices.

Bronzer tanning beds work by emitting ultraviolet rays that penetrate both the surface and deeper layers of the skin. When exposed to these powerful rays, melanin within the skin is produced and the skin naturally begins to darken as a result. The same thing happens when tanning in the sun, but with sunlight there is an even greater risk of sunburn. The higher the ultraviolet rays in the tanning bed are, the faster the skin will darken.

Individuals with fair skin will burn more quickly under the UVA rays of a bronzer tanning bed, so there are certain safety measures users should take before using tanning beds. Lighter-skinned individuals should never spend too much time inside of a tanning device, and should gradually build a tan rather than attempt to tan the skin in one use. The use of sunscreen is also recommended, no matter how dark or light the skin is.

It is important for those using bronzer tanning beds to make sure the bed is clean before getting in. Since most tanning devices are used by many people, it is recommended that users wipe down and sanitize the bed before using it. This will also help remove any leftover film from the previous user's tanning oil or lotion.

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