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What is a Blogger™ Bar?

H. Bliss
H. Bliss

A Blogger™ bar is a navigation menu that appears at the top of Blogger™ blogs. The Blogger™ navigation bar appears automatically on the top of a Blogger™ blog, and helps a Blogger™ user log in to the system, browse blogs and access the controls for his own blogs. This bar can be modified or removed by editing blog settings from within Blogger™. In addition to the navigational bar on the Blogger™ website, there is also a Firefox® add-on program called the Blogger Bar, which is designed to help a user search and browse Blogger™ blogs.

Blogger™, also known as Blogspot®, is a website offering a free blog hosting service. This company is run by Google. Through Blogger™, a user can sign up for a blog account, design a blog, post blog entries, and connect a blog to multiple advertising streams, a process called monetizing the blog. The Blogger™ bar on a Blogger™ blog offers links that take a blog owner directly to an options and settings page, where he can make changes to the look, content, and function on his blog.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Also called a toolbar or menubar, a navigation bar is a browser menu that gives a user quick access to specific browser functions. This type of bar can be a part of the browser, or it can be a part of the website loaded in the browser. Navigation bars that are installed in the browser can usually be acquired by downloading software. Usually, a navigation bar like the Blogger™ bar is docked on one edge of the screen, most often the top or bottom of the browser window.

Blogging is the act of keeping a personal public journal, often for money earned through advertising and sales-revenue-share programs. A user usually updates a blog on a regular, often weekly basis. Blogs are sometimes about personal subjects, but can also be about a person's business, hobbies, or topics of interest. Common advertising networks that work with blogs on Blogger™ include Adsense™, Amazon® and Chitika. A blog can also acquire direct sponsors who pay for advertising space on the blog.

The Blogger™ bar is not popular with all users, but some bloggers find it helpful. Many users use the onsite Blogger™ bar frequently because it provides easy access to blog settings while browsing the site. Others do not like the look of the Blogger™ bar and prefer to use hypertext markup language (HTML) coding edits to remove the Blogger™ bar from the blog pages.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer