What is a Bladderpod?

Pamela Pleasant
Pamela Pleasant
Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Bladderpod is a flowering perennial plant that belongs in the brassicaceae family of plants. It can be used to accent a garden area or as a bordering plant. The flowers and fruits that this plant produces can be dried and used in floral arrangements as well as bouquets. Bladderpod is an evergreen shrub-like plant commonly found near coastal regions. This plant can also thrive in drier climates because it is drought resistant.

The bladderpod shrub plant has thick stems that grow upward from a cluster. It also has oblong leaves with a single deep vein running through the center of the leaflet. These leaves can be varying colors, depending on where they are found on the stems. For example, the leaves on the top of the plant can be yellow because they are not protected from the sun. The lower leaves can be a darker color because the direct sunlight will not hit them.

Blooms that are produced by this plant have a pleasing fragrance. They contain four separate petals, which form a circle. In the center of the flower, there are long, spindly seedpods. The centers may be yellow or they may also be a light to deep red. This plant also produces a green, pear-shaped fruit in late summer, which is edible.

This plant is considered hardy because it can live in temperatures that go below 10° Fahrenheit (about -12°C). At the same time, it can thrive in extremely warm temperatures and can go for long periods without water. The bladderpod should be placed in an area that receives direct sunlight for at least four hours a day. It should also be planted on a slight hill, so that any excess rainwater drains away from the delicate roots. Bladderpod plants can become damaged or even die from too much water.

These bladderpod shrubs grow to reach 2 feet (around 50 cm) in height. After they reach maturity, they can also bush out just as far. They should be planted far enough apart to allow the stems and leaves to fill in the area.

The fruit the bladderpod plant produces is very attractive to birds as well as insects. Seeds from this plant can be gathered and dried for future use. The root ball can also be divided and used to produce two separate plants.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower