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What is a Bird Flu Respirator?

Pamela Pleasant
Pamela Pleasant

A bird flu respirator is a device worn over the mouth. It is used to reduce the chances of breathing in airborne bacteria or viruses. The respirator can filter out microorganisms by trapping the tiny particles. A bird flu respirator will only work to trap these particles. It is not effective at filtering out things like noxious gases.

The bird flu respirator is commonly used in a pandemic situation. An outbreak of a disease that spreads quickly throughout an area can easily affect a high percentage of a population. When this happens, a bird flu respirator can stop contamination. Pandemics of diseases such as swine flu may not be considered extremely dangerous or life threatening. This all depends on the age and health of the individual.


The elderly, infants, and people with compromised immune systems can be protected by wearing a respirator. If they inhale an airborne virus, it can turn into a serious medical issue. People who suffer with breathing difficulties or emphysema may not be physically able to use a bird flu respirator because they will not have the strength to breath in fresh air through the filtering system.

These types of respirators fit tightly to the face, so that no harmful particles can be breathed in. They are generally made of woven white material with an elastic strap to hold them in place. A bird flu respirator can have a filtering attachment to allow fresh air to enter. Some models can also have two or more of these filters. They are more expensive than the other masks, but they do offer a substantial amount of protection.

In order for the bird flu respirator to function properly, certain things have to be taken into consideration. If the wearer has glasses, the correct respirator has to be worn for a snug fit. A wearer's excessive facial hair, such as a beard or mustache, also can make a respirator less effective. A small child can also have problems with a bird flu respirator, so the appropriate size should always be used.

This type of respirator can also be used in a work environment. If there are airborne contaminants such as asbestos in the workplace, a respirator can be used to block them out. In fact, most jobs with hazardous breathing conditions often require these types of respirators.

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