What is a Barbell Press?

Troy Holmes

A barbell is a metal bar that is used for weightlifting and body building exercises. The bar is approximately seven feet (about 2.1m) long and typically weighs about 44 pounds (20kg). The barbell press is any weight lifting exercise that pushes the weight of a barbell and weight disks secured by weight clamps. There are multiple weightlifting exercises that use the barbell press.

There are multiple weightlifting exercises that use the barbell press.
There are multiple weightlifting exercises that use the barbell press.

A barbell bench set is a common home gym application for weightlifting. The set typically comes with a barbell, weights, bench, and weight clamps. This barbell is a piece of weightlifting equipment that is good for both beginners and advance body building exercises.

The barbell bench press is a weightlifting exercise that uses a barbell bench and a barbell. This exercise requires the weightlifter to lie flat on a bench and lift the weight from a raised position down into the chest area and back to a raised position. This barbell press is one of the most popular weightlifting exercises in gym today. It is designed to strengthen the main chest area.

The military press is a barbell press designed to strengthen the core and shoulders of a weightlifter. This exercise is performed in a standing position. The body builder starts the lift with the barbell resting on the front chest area parallel to the shoulders. The weight is then pressed over the head and lowered back to the starting position.

Today there are many options in gym equipment. This equipment comes in the category of machine equipment or free weights. The barbell is considered a free weight. Free weights give the body a more natural lift during the exercise as compared to the machine weights, which force an isolation position during the lift.

The barbell incline press is a bench press performed in an incline position. This weightlifting exercise targets the upper area of the large chest muscles. A body builder will typically include incline, flat, and decline barbell presses in his chest workout routine. This three-angle barbell press gives the chest a more sculpted appearance.

Lunges are an excellent exercise for multiple leg muscles and the core area of the athlete. This exercise requires the athlete to lower the lead leg in a long walking position with his back leg bent into a near-touching position with the ground. A barbell lunge is performed by holding a barbell on the upper back area while executing a lung exercise.

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