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What Is a 70cc ATV?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

All terrain vehicles (ATVs), come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different rider abilities and riding styles. The size of the vehicle is measured in cubic centimeters (cc), which is essentially a measurement that dictates the size of the engine displacement. Larger numbers indicate a larger vehicle, while smaller numbers indicate a smaller vehicle. A 70cc ATV is therefore quite small, as compared to larger ATVs that can measure 500cc or even 1000cc. The 70cc ATV is generally intended for use by smaller children just learning how to ride.

While the 70cc ATV will be quite small and will not be able to attain the speeds larger ATVs can attain, the smaller machine will still be able to reach high enough speeds that the rider can become injured if he or she falls off during operation. New riders are more likely to have an accident, so many 70cc ATV models are fitted with remote cut off switches. This allows a bystander to cut power to the vehicle if the rider loses control. It will also be necessary for the rider to wear a helmet and other protective equipment at all times while riding the machine.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Like larger models, the 70cc ATV is likely to feature four wheels that are fitted with tires that have aggressive treads, making them suitable for use off road. The rider will straddle a seat and control the vehicle by using a steering handlebar. A throttle control will be fitted to the handlebar, as will a hand brake. The 70cc ATV is also likely to feature foot brake pedals that are easy to use, especially for small riders who may not have adequate hand strength or size to activate a hand brake lever. Most 70cc ATVs are gas powered, though some electric engines can produce the same amount of power.

Various styles of ATVs exist, and the 70cc ATV can mirror any of these styles. Racing ATVs, sometimes known as sport ATVs, are the most common at this size. They are designed for speed and agility rather than for utility. The other popular style is the utility ATV, which usually has a lower center of gravity, a wider wheel base, and accessories such as cargo racks that make the vehicle more useful for hauling heavier weights. This design is less common at the 70cc level, though some models are designed with utility purposes in mind.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book