What Factors Contribute to the Cost of a Chemical Peel?

Felicia Dye

One of the primary factors affecting the cost of a chemical peel is the type of procedure that a person undergoes. The type of professional who provides this service can also have an impact on the price. Furthermore, the expense can also fluctuate depending upon the area of the body that is to be treated.

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Woman in breeze

The type of procedure that a person chooses can affect the cost of a chemical peel. These procedures can have varying intensities. A light chemical peel, for example, is usually a fairly quick and simple procedure that involves applying an acidic solution and allowing it to remain on the skin for a short period of time before it is neutralized. These are the cheapest of the chemical peel procedures.

Deep chemical peels, which are used to produce dramatic results, are the most expensive of this type of procedure. The increased costs can be justified in part by a number of factors. To begin with, this procedure is not as widely available and not as easy to perform as a light or a medium chemical peel. This procedure can take a couple of hours and generally requires the patient to be sedated. It is also important to note that the more intense the chemical peel, the more expensive the acid solution that is used to achieve those results.

While the cost per visit is affected by the type of procedure, the overall cost of a chemical peel can also be affected by the number of applications that a person undergoes. For both light and medium procedures, individuals are usually advised that they will need to go through the process several times. The exact number is often affected by the severity of the problem that the individual is addressing.

The part of the body for which the procedure is needed can cause the cost of a chemical peel to fluctuate. When large areas are treated, the procedure is likely to be more expensive. Consider, for example, the difference in the amount of acid that will be needed to cover the face compared to the amount that is required for the legs.

The cost of a chemical peel may also be affected by the place where the procedure is performed. Depending upon the type of chemical peel that a person is getting, she may have the option of going to a dermatologist, a plastic surgeon, or to a spa. Although it is possible that dermatologists or plastic surgeons may conduct chemical peels for at a lower rate, spas are often cheaper.

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@ddljohn-- I think the most common type of deep chemical peel is phenol chemical peel and those are all about the same price. I don't think you're going to find a deep peel that's drastically cheaper. In fact, if you do find something very cheap, I think you should worry about the quality of the product and service. You're better off saving the money and going to an expert who uses high quality peels.

The other option is getting a medium or light superficial peel, but getting more sessions. I'm not an expert so I don't know if several medium peels will work as well as a deep peel, but it might be cheaper. As far as I know, deep peels are quite painful during recovery.


Does anyone know which deep chemical peel is most affordable? A friend of mine got a deep chemical peel a few months ago and she's looking great, much younger! I also have deep wrinkles and aged skin like she had before her peel. I know she paid a lot though and I need something more affordable.


It's true that plastic surgeons charge the most for chemicals peels. But we have to keep in mind that chemical peels can have serious side effects and complications if they are not done correctly. So I believe that chemical peels, and especially medium and deep chemical peels, need to be done by an expert with a lot of expert.

I know for example that chemical peels can be done with different concentration of acids. If the concentration is too low, it might not have the desired effect. If the concentration is too high, it might damage skin. So it's not a good idea to go to anyone who is not a professional for chemical peels. One should also read patient reviews of doctors. And I think it's well worth the higher price.

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