What Factors Affect Wireless Customer Satisfaction?

Ken Black

A number of factors can play a role in wireless customer satisfaction including the call quality and coverage, service plan options, costs, customer service, and equipment. While there may be other minor factors that also play a role, companies tend to focus on these key areas when trying to market and provide information about their services. These factors can be applied both to smart phones, as well as traditional mobile phones, giving them broad appeal in both markets.

A smartphone with a touch screen.
A smartphone with a touch screen.

Despite all the new features even traditional phones have, one of the most important features in wireless customer satisfaction remains the call quality. The quality includes not only the sound and clarity of the person on the other end of the phone, but also the potential for dropped calls. Carriers that do well in customer surveys tend to have fewer dropped calls. Network coverage is also important because it gives customers more access to voice services in more locations.

Carriers with fewer dropped calls tend to do better on customer surveys.
Carriers with fewer dropped calls tend to do better on customer surveys.

One of the things that mobile phone carriers have always tried to provide is a plethora of service plan options that fit the lifestyles of many different customers. Whether it is a voice-only plan, or voice and data plan, the more options a customer has, the more likely they are to find something that fits their needs and desires. Given the competition, customers have many different options to choose from unless they are already locked into a contract.

Going along with service plan options are costs. Features such as unlimited text messaging, free nights and weekends, and free incoming calls can help boost wireless customer satisfaction because it allows the customers more freedom without worrying about costs. Given the variety of options available, customers may have a difficult time comparing plans based on the price if they are looking at something other than unlimited talk plans. Therefore, a carrier that break down the options very clearly will tend to have more satisfied customers.

Equipment and technology also play a role in wireless customer satisfaction. For example, the products available from some carriers may be different than the products available from others. Surveys have indicated that some individuals may be willing to switch to a different carrier if the hardware available offers an advantage or is in higher demand.

Although no customer likely wants to use customer service, which can impact wireless customer satisfaction in and of itself, making the experience as pleasant as possible is important. Customers tend look very critically at long wait times or ineffective help. Therefore, companies that invest more in the area of customer service to keep wait times down, and give staff proper training may see a payback in increased customer loyalty.

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