What Does an Online Statistics Tutor Do?

Dan Cavallari

Statistics is the study of data and the interpretation of that data, and it can be a complex topic to learn. Many students at the high school or college level will meet with an online statistics tutor to get additional guidance and instruction outside of the classroom. An online statistics tutor will cover statistics topics exclusively, and he or she will meet with students via the Internet, either by e-mail, videoconferencing, a specially designed website, or other means of communication. This method is an alternative to in-person tutoring at a set location.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

The credentials of the online statistics tutor can vary. Some tutors have college degrees in statistics or other related fields, while others may be working toward a degree. Still others may have teaching credentials that qualify them to instruct students in a tutoring capacity, though a tutor does not necessarily need to be a teacher. The online statistics tutor generally won't write lesson plans and deliver that instruction to students; instead, the tutor will assess a student's strengths and weaknesses within the realm of statistics and formulate a tutoring plan for strengthening that student's statistics shortcomings. The topics covered by the tutor can vary according to the student's needs; some tutors will help students with specific assignments, while others may simply cover broader topics that will help that student complete coursework on his or her own.

Sometimes an online statistics tutor will work independently as a freelancer, while in other cases, he or she will work for a tutoring service. If the tutor works for a service, a student can enroll in the service and be assigned a tutor rather than having to seek one out independently. The tutor will get paid an hourly wage by the tutoring company. Sometimes a tutor is hired by an educational institution to work exclusively with students who attend that institution. In this case, the tutor might be considered an employee of the school, and he or she may have more familiarity with specific courses and assignments in the statistics or mathematics department.

One of the advantages of using an online statistics tutor is the ability for the student to get one on one attention in an easy to use interface. Scheduling may be much easier as well, since the tutor and the student do not need to meet at a physical location; this is especially important if the student or the tutor does not live close to the school campus.

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