What Does an IT Apprentice Do?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson
Man holding computer
Man holding computer

An Information Technology (IT) apprentice is an aspiring professional who takes an entry level position that allows him or her to get firsthand technological training while also acquiring job experience. In most cases, an IT apprentice makes less than an established professional might and performs more hands-on duties. Supervisors might assign tasks to apprentices, placing less emphasis on results and more on the learning experience. An IT apprentice is interested in gaining experience and training that can help him or her to qualify for academic training or for full time employment with the organization providing the apprenticeship or a similar business.

Qualifications required to become an IT apprentice vary depending on organizations that offer these opportunities. In most cases, applicants should have a high school diploma or an equivalent degree. It also is essential that an apprentice can work well in a team and follow instruction. Perhaps most importantly, an IT apprentice should have an aptitude for mathematics and should be proficient in fields such as computer science or IT systems.

It is common for an IT apprentice to begin his or her employment in training. An apprentice normally receives instruction on using the technology specific to an organization. He or she also learns about the behaviors, dress codes, and expectations that apply to all of an organization's members.

Once an apprentice has received basic training, he or she is usually introduced to a supervisor who explains the tasks he or she is responsible for completing. In most cases, apprentices are not responsible for making decisions that impact an organization's operations. Instead, an apprentice usually performs tasks based on managerial and executive strategies.

While an IT apprentice works, he or she usually receives continuous training. The nature of this training depends on the institution or organization sponsoring an apprenticeship. For instance, if an apprenticeship is privately sponsored by a business, apprentices receive training that pertains specifically to that business. When an apprenticeship is sponsored by a government agency or education institution, however, apprentices might receive training that pertains to the larger IT field.

Apprenticeships usually last for no longer than two or three years. Upon completion of such a position, an IT apprentice might have the opportunity to apply for full time employment at the organization where he or she worked. In other cases, an apprentice might use his or experience to apply to graduate programs or for positions at other IT firms or departments.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer