What does a Volunteer Director do?

Misty Amber Brighton

A volunteer director usually oversees the work of unpaid staff members within an organization. He might delegate assignments to these helpers and give instructions on how to complete tasks. He may be responsible for coordinating fundraising efforts or applying for loans. This individual could also be in charge of the daily operations of the business, including matters like accounts payable, purchasing, and customer service.

Blood from a blood drive organized by a volunteer director.
Blood from a blood drive organized by a volunteer director.

People who volunteer to work in a non-profit agency often have different work experiences, personal skills, and levels of commitment. A volunteer director is generally responsible for matching the abilities of these individuals with the needs of the business. He may want to get to know these people personally in order to best choose the right person for the tasks that need to be accomplished. If additional helpers are needed, this coordinator can be responsible for recruiting new volunteer staff members as well.

A volunteer director may be responsible for collecting canned food donations.
A volunteer director may be responsible for collecting canned food donations.

Once duties have been assigned to volunteer workers, the director usually supervises their activities. He might observe people as they go about their work to ensure they are doing it correctly. He could make changes in procedures to help things run smoother. Other times, he may ask volunteers to help out in areas they might not normally work in, so the organization can meet a deadline or complete a special project.

Fundraising can be an important function of a volunteer director. This might be especially true if the organization is very small or has few employees. This manager often utilizes volunteers to assist with raising money from private individuals or local businesses. He may also ask these individuals to assist with researching and writing grants.

Sometimes a volunteer director has the responsibility of overseeing the everyday affairs of an organization. This can involve clerical work, such as answering the phone, writing letters, copying, and filing. It may also include bookkeeping, scheduling maintenance, handling customer complaints, or creating advertising. Sometimes, this manager might make sales presentations, develop an operating budget, or hire new staff.

A volunteer director is commonly the primary point of contact for volunteers to talk to, when they have questions about the work they are doing. This person is usually very knowledgeable about the organization and eager to assist these workers with their tasks. Such a person is a very valuable member of any business or organization that is largely dependent on unpaid, voluntary labor in order to conduct its operations.

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