What Does a Sociology Tutor Do?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

High schools and colleges throughout the world offer sociology classes that focus on the behaviors, trends, and nuances of society. The different types of sociology classes can vary significantly by institution, and a student studying these topics may need additional help or guidance beyond what a teacher can provide. In this case, the student may work with a sociology tutor, which is essentially a private educational instructor who will provide the guidance the student requires. A sociology tutor may or may not be employed by an educational institution, and many work independently in a freelance capacity.

The role of the sociology tutor can vary. In most cases, the tutor will help the student clarify concepts or even complete assignments, though it is not advisable for the sociology tutor to do any assignments for the student. The line between helping a student and doing the work for him or her is often a blurry one, and the tutor must be aware of ethical considerations when teaching a student. The general goal of tutoring is to provide the student with as much knowledge and guidance as possible without preventing the student from learning on his or her own; this can be a difficult task, and a good tutor will have skills and knowledge in terms of sociology concepts and teaching concepts.

In some cases, the sociology tutor may interact directly with the teacher or instructor to help develop a study plan for a student, though this is not very common. Tutors may be assigned to specific students with learning disabilities, in which case a consultation with the teacher may be required; for other students who simply need extra guidance but do not have any recognized learning disabilities, it is unlikely that a plan will be developed between the tutor and the teacher. The sociology tutor is likely to develop a plan on his or her own.

The student and the tutor may meet periodically throughout the course of the week. A schedule can be drawn up between the student and the tutor, making the process convenient for both parties. The pair can meet as often as is necessary, though most tutors charge by the hour and the student will need to be aware of any fees before committing to a schedule. The tutor is usually an independent entity separate from the school, so the student will pay the tutor directly. This is a freelance arrangement, and the tutor will be responsible for providing any paperwork relevant to the arrangement.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book