What Does a Physician Recruiter Do?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen
Recruiters may find potential candidates through their own networks.
Recruiters may find potential candidates through their own networks.

A physician recruiter works to match physicians with job opportunities. He or she may work for a staff recruiting firm, be independently employed, or work in the human resources department of a hospital or healthcare organization. The recruiter typically works with employers so that he or she has a good understanding of the position or positions to be filled. He or she then uses various methods to find potential job candidates. Depending on the employer’s policies, the physician recruiter may complete much of the candidate screening process, including conducting background checks, verifying credentials, and conducting one or more interviews. Recruiters may also represent job candidates who contact the recruiter in hopes of being placed in a position.

Many medical employers rely on the services of professional recruiters to fill positions. These recruiters specialize in locating doctors who may be both qualified and interested in these jobs. A recruiter may review job boards, contact medical schools, or work within his or her own professional networks in an attempt to find a qualified job candidate. Once the candidate has been contacted, the recruiter will typically begin the evaluation process in accordance with the employer’s desires. For example, the recruiter may check to make sure that the candidate actually has a medical degree, is board-certified, and does not have a history of significant disciplinary actions against him or her.

In some cases, a physician may contact a physician recruiter directly for assistance in finding a new position. The recruiter will evaluate the physician’s credentials and interests so that he or she is best able to match the doctor with suitable job opportunities. Third-party recruiters typically do not charge job candidates for their services. Instead, the employer often pays the recruiter a fee that is equal to a percentage of the candidate’s first-year salary. In-house recruiters, such as those who work for a hospital’s human resources department, are typically paid a salary.

Physician recruiter requirements vary by employer, but often require an individual to hold at least a bachelor’s degree. In some situations, a graduate degree in business, marketing,or human resources may also be helpful. Some recruiting firms may also want their recruiters to have a background in medicine or other areas of healthcare. In some cases, this background and knowledge can be crucial in ensuring that a highly specialized position is filled by a doctor who has the necessary skills to perform the job.

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    • Recruiters may find potential candidates through their own networks.
      Recruiters may find potential candidates through their own networks.