What does a Music Sequencer do?

Christine Hudson

TA music sequencer produces electronic music. Duties can vary from producing hip hop to performing live using special equipment and Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI). Individuals in this role arrange and even compose musical notes, which are produced electronically by computer to form them into songs or single tracks of a song. Any time someone hears a piece of music that sounds digital, it was probably created by a music sequencer. There are, however, plenty of sequencers capable of creating music that simulates instruments so closely that a listener would never be able to tell the difference.

Some music sequencers can produce an entire album using only a keyboard and a computer.
Some music sequencers can produce an entire album using only a keyboard and a computer.

The career of a music sequencer is something that is as varied as that of a singer, musician or just about any career in the music business. Someone who works in this type of business may have a wide range of skills, which include the ability to use many different programs and technical equipment to record and produce sounds as well as piece them together to make music. The primary instrument of choice of a music sequencer is a computer, with a close second being the electric keyboard. It is possible for a talented music sequencer to produce an entire album of electronic music using only these two pieces of equipment.

Music sequencers also find themselves working in the realm of pop and rap music, sometimes even arranging the music for the entire track and recording along with the singer. Electronic sequencing has found its way into almost every aspect of music. Electronic jazz is one example in addition to fusions with other different musical styles from around the world.

An expert sequencer can even be awarded the prestigious job of writing or creating the score for a movie soundtrack. This takes a significant level of skill, as well as a thorough knowledge and understanding of music and composing. Some in this field even work on TV.

Musical finesse is not a prerequisite in order to become a sequencer, as many electronic DJs and producers have a natural sense of rhythm but may not have much talent in actually playing an instrument. Instead, they choose to use beats and digital equipment to simulate instruments and accomplish their work. An aspiring music sequencer may even find colleges offering a selection of courses specific to the field of digital sequencing and electronic music.

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