What Does a Mobile Masseuse Do?

S. Reynolds

A mobile masseuse is a licensed massage therapist who travels to his or her clients' homes. In contrast, most regular massage therapists have offices where the clients instead come to the practitioner. A mobile masseuse can work in different locations, including hotels, spas, cruise ships, business offices, and private homes. The masseuse must bring along his or her massage therapy equipment, which may include tables, oils, towels, aromatherapy, or other items specifically for the client.

A man receiving a massage.
A man receiving a massage.

Before going to a client's home, a mobile masseuse first asks the client a series of questions. He or she might ask the person about specific pain, the type of massage he or she wants, and any other requests for oils or aromatherapy. A price quote is usually given over the phone or Internet before the two meet up. Most massage therapists specialize in some area of bodywork, whether it is Swedish massage, deep tissue, Reiki, or hot stone.

A masseusse may offer hot stone massages.
A masseusse may offer hot stone massages.

A professional, mobile masseuse must have portable equipment that is easy to break down and set up anywhere. The massage table and chair are the two biggest items that he or she must bring along. A freelance masseuse must also bring along a prepared massage kit, and the table must be specifically designed for giving massages due to safety reasons.

Some clients may prefer to hire a mobile masseur due to disabilities or physical injuries. Travel may be another concern if the client does not own a vehicle nor has no way of getting to a massage therapist. Other reasons for getting a mobile massage may be for privacy reasons or for convenience. Events like bachelorette parties or anniversary parties are other popular reasons for hiring a mobile masseuse.

Mobile massage therapists may refer to mobile massages as outcall massages or house call massages. These are simply terms to describe the therapist's willingness to travel to her clients. Generally, outcall massage therapists charge more money for the time spent preparing the equipment, setting up, and traveling.

Some people associate outcall massage therapists with prostitution, so a reputable therapist usually offers proof of licensing to clients upon request. If the massage therapist is indeed a licensed professional, he or she might specifically advertise "non-sexual" massages. Solicitation or harassment of a professional mobile therapist may result in arrest for the offending client.

A basic massage could last anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour. Once the massage is finished, the therapist cleans up the area and collects his or her money from the client. Massage therapists almost always accept tips; an acceptable tip is between 10 and 20 percent of the overall cost of the massage. This tip is usually given in cash.

A mobile masseuse may carry a variety of lotions to use during a massage.
A mobile masseuse may carry a variety of lotions to use during a massage.

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