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What Does a Manufacturing Assembler Do?

Nick Mann
Nick Mann

The role of a manufacturing assembler is to put the various parts of a product together so that it complies with guidelines and safety regulations. These individuals will either construct an entire product or work on specific parts of a product. For example, a manufacturing assembler might work on certain parts of a car in an assembly line. While the exact products an individual may work on can differ, the essential job duties in this type of job are much the same. These include learning the instructions for product assembly, assembling products, meeting product quotas, documenting products that are made and cleaning workstations.

Prior to assembling any product, it's necessary for a manufacturing assembler to read over instructions or blueprints. To ensure product quality and safety, it's important that he thoroughly understand the process. While the complexity can differ from product to product, he should have a full comprehension of the entire assembly process. To perform this job well, a person must usually be mechanically inclined.

Woman posing
Woman posing

After he has read over the instructions or blueprints, a manufacturing assembler can begin the process of actually assembling products. In many cases, this will involve repeating the same steps over and over again. The types of tools for this process can differ substantially, but some common ones include drills, saws and welding equipment. Due to the tools used, a manufacturing assembler must be aware of safety concerns and wear proper safety equipment. Before finishing a product or sending it to the next station, he will often need to test it.

To meet his daily product quota, an individual in this position must perform his tasks efficiently. For example, a supervisor at a car plant might expect a manufacturing assembler and his team to produce 50 cars per day. In order to meet quotas, the team must maintain focus and stay on task during each shift.

Along with assembling products, a manufacturing assembler is often required to document his work. In most cases, this is done by inputting information into a computer database. Information he might include would be the total number of products assembled, the time it took and any other relevant details. Consequently, it's helpful for a manufacturing assembler to have a basic understanding of computers.

An additional responsibility for a manufacturing assembler is cleaning his workstation at the end of each shift. To properly maintain equipment and ensure safety, it's usually necessary to perform some routine cleaning. This could involve sweeping off debris, oiling machinery and using chemical cleaners to remove corrosion.

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    • Woman posing
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