What does a Maintenance Facilities Manager do?

L.K. Blackburn
L.K. Blackburn
A maintenance facilities manager may oversee the security guard staff.
A maintenance facilities manager may oversee the security guard staff.

A maintenance facilities manager is in charge of coordinating and administrating a company's building and grounds operations. Job duties will vary based on the size and type of business, but generally includes management of custodial services, overseeing waste management and recycling, and administering the building's supply closets. Maintenance facilities mangers may also hire and supervise other building support staff.

The supply management responsibilities of a maintenance facilities manager can also extend to the ordering and purchasing of stock goods and product supplies. In some positions, a facilities manager also serves in a security capacity, such as the overseeing of security guard staff. Many managers coordinate the work of visiting vendors and contractors within the building in addition to supervising their own staff. This can extend to project management opportunities, such as overseeing building renovations, and service routines, such as working with a landscaping company.

Skills and abilities used by a maintenance facilities manager include personnel management and leadership skills, inventory organization methods, and the knowledge of building operations. Depending on the size of the company's building, an individual may need prior facilities manager experience to be hired. Education requirements to become a manager will also vary by company, ranging from a high school education to an undergraduate degree. Large companies with multiple buildings and locations may need to hire more than one maintenance facilities manager. Conversely, one facilities manager may also work at multiple buildings owned by one company, administering staff over phone and email, and visiting each building several times a week.

Depending on the size of a facilities, managers will spend time both in an office and working around a building supervising staff and contractors. They usually work a 40 hour work week, however some weekend and non standard business hours may be required. A maintenance facilities manager may be required to oversee the work of custodial staff and building construction that is performed after business hours to avoid interrupting customers and employees.

Advancement by a maintenance facilities manager within the field is usually obtained by moving up from working with a smaller company to a larger one. A facilities manager may start out as support or custodial staff within a business, and be promoted to manager after experience is earned within the company. There are also maintenance facilities management companies that employ a team of managers to provide services as a contractor to outside businesses. Some facilities managers choose to be self employed, independently contracting out to businesses in the same way as a service company.

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    • A maintenance facilities manager may oversee the security guard staff.
      By: Lsantilli
      A maintenance facilities manager may oversee the security guard staff.