What Does a Freelance Engineer Do?

YaShekia King

A freelance engineer is a person who comes up with solutions to technical issues using math and science, and he or she does this for various companies at the same time rather than working for just one company as a permanent employee. This type of person has to be both computer-savvy and analytical, as well as enjoy solving problems. An individual who is interested in becoming a freelance engineer needs to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in engineering as well as gain hands-on field experience through an internship. Freelance engineers create computer designs, test the products that they invent, and make sure that production processes occur smoothly. In addition, they have to regularly promote their expertise to potential clients and keep their skills in the industry fresh.

A computer engineer working.
A computer engineer working.

One chief duty of a freelance engineer is to complete design duties. This type of professional has the responsibility of creating the structure of technology architectures and other products such as industrial equipment or even medical tools. As a result, a freelance engineer must understand how to use computer-aided design software, which enables him or her to put together how objects will appear both two-dimensionally and three-dimensionally.

A freelance engineer seeks and completes paid engineering projects as an independent contractor rather than an employee.
A freelance engineer seeks and completes paid engineering projects as an independent contractor rather than an employee.

A person in this industry also participates in product testing and production activities. For example, a freelance engineer might have to come up with quality assurance test procedures to make sure that newly-developed technologies meet product specifications and objectives for operation. In addition, this type of individual makes sure that the process that a company uses to generate products is as efficient as possible, and he or she works to solve any issues that arise regarding defects in manufactured items.

Promoting himself or herself additionally constitutes a responsibility in this career area. This career necessitates regular advertising of his or her services to organizations using job search websites and by contacting companies directly to tell leaders about his or her offerings. A freelance engineer has to have solid verbal and written communication skills for explaining his or her level of experience via interviews and resumes. He or she does not work on a permanent basis for a single employer and thus needs to be able to market himself or herself well enough to attract new clients.

An individual who works in this job field must remain current on trends as well. Freelance engineers should attend industry conferences that expose them to developments in computer design software and procedures for developing products. He or she can also read professional journals and complete continuing education courses to stay up-to-date in his or her area of study.

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